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10 June

2021 Tax Planning Letter


Whilst the last 12 months has been difficult for businesses and individuals to plan, as the 2021 financial year comes to a close, it is still an ideal time to strategize providing you with more certainty.


This certainty provides us with an opportunity to better help our clients manage tax liabilities through tax planning strategies.

Below are our tax planning letters highlighting the year-end planning opportunities and challenges. There is a letter relevant for exclusively individuals, as well as one including the plans for businesses also.


We focus here on tax planning techniques that can be executed during the remainder of financial year 2021, but your facts and circumstances may open up other opportunities or limit some of the tactics discussed in the letter.


As 30 June is fast approaching, please feel free to contact our office by 18 June if you have any questions regarding the opportunities presented in this letter or would like a more customised analysis of steps your business may take at year-end 2021 to manage your current-year tax liability or to plan for financial year 2021 and beyond.


Please do not hesitate to contact your knp contact should you wish to discuss further.


Please click on the link below for our tax planning letter: 


2021 Tax Planning Letter – Personal


2021 Tax Planning Letter – Personal + Business