Scam Alert 

We’ve seen an increasing number of email and telephone scammers purporting to be from ASIC or the ATO. 


Please be wary of emails that do not end in official government addresses, e.g. or, or automated telephone calls claiming that the ATO will commence legal proceedings for tax evasion.



Business name renewal emails are being sent from fake ASIC email accounts, requesting payment for a business name renewal fee and personal information to renew a business name.


These emails often have a link that provides an invoice with fake payment details or infects your computer with malware if you click the link.


The scam email will look almost identical to a genuine ASIC business renewal email.  However, it will not provide a business name and will not be from a genuine ASIC email address.  A genuine ASIC email address will end in


Should you receive an email purporting to be from ASIC, but from an email address that does not end in, please do not click any links and delete it immediately. 


If you are unsure as to whether the email is genuine, please forward the email to us and we can verify it for you.


Here is an example of a scam email from 10 July 2017.




Telephone scammers purporting to be from the ATO are using automated recordings to threaten people with court proceedings for tax evasion, leaving a telephone number to call to ‘sort things out’.


The ATO never uses automated recordings to contact clients.  Should you receive a call like this, please hang up and do not call the number provided.


If you are ever contacted by someone purporting to be from the ATO regarding an outstanding debt or legal proceedings and are unsure if they are genuine, please contact us first to verify if you have any outstanding debt.


A genuine ATO representative will never: 

  • threaten you with immediate arrest
  • ask you to pay money to receive a refund or payment from the ATO
  • ask you to pay a debt via iTunes vouchers, or pre-paid credit card or store gift cards
  • ask you to provide personal information, such as your tax file number (TFN) or credit card number, via email or SMS
  • ask you to pay money into a personal bank account
  • direct you to download files from the internet, or open attachments in unsolicited emails.


These are the surest signs of a scam.


Further Information

Please contact us if you need to confirm any questionable emails, telephone calls, SMS or faxes purporting to be from ASIC or the ATO.


Further information from ASIC and the ATO on these scams can be found here:


 Always, if in doubt please check with your accountant on +61 3 9066 0400