COVID-19 Update

JobKeeper Enrolment Opens For Businesses


26 May 2020 

Now that JobKeeper enrolment has opened for businesses, we want to provide you with the information that will be required to complete the enrolment process.


Firstly, please ensure that your business has done the following:

  1. check that your business and your employees meet the eligibility requirements     
  2. continue to pay at least $1,500 to each eligible employee per JobKeeper fortnight (the first JobKeeper fortnight is the period from 30 March to 12 April).     
  3. notify your eligible employees that you are intending to claim the JobKeeper payment on their behalf and check they are not claiming JobKeeper payment through another employer or have nominated through another business.     
  4. send the JobKeeper employee nomination notice (attached) to your nominated employees to complete and return to you by the end of April if you plan to claim JobKeeper payment for April. Keep it on file and provide a copy to your registered tax agent if you are using one.


Once the above has been completed, your business can begin the enrolment for the JobKeeper payment. This can be done by yourself, or your registered tax or BAS agent. Please see below the following steps involved in the process.


Step 1: Enrol for the JobKeeper payment

  • log in to the Business Portal using myGovID.    If you wish to complete the enrolment yourself, you will need to have set up a myGovID for yourself and your business. If you have yet to do that and would like to, please contact us for assistance.     
  • select 'Manage employees' then the link for the JobKeeper payment.     
  • fill in the JobKeeper enrolment form and provide your:         
  • eligibility information         
  • expected number of eligible employees         
  • contact and bank details.    Please see the JobKeeper Portal Steps attachment for the questions as they appear in the ATO portal.
  • notify all your eligible employees you have nominated them.     
  • to ensure you receive your JobKeeper payments as early as possible, you should enrol once you have determined your business is eligible. Enrolments will remain open for businesses who will be eligible in a later period.


Step 2: Identify and maintain your eligible employees and business participants

  • you or your registered tax or BAS agent can identify each eligible employee and the eligible business participant that you will claim the JobKeeper Payment for and maintain their details each month. If you have an eligible business participant, remember not to include them as an employee.     
  • if you are identifying an eligible business participant, add them in the Business Portal.     
  • if you have STP enabled payroll software, you can identify your employees in one of the following ways:         
  • directly via your STP enabled payroll software if it is updated with JobKeeper functionality. (You should contact your software provider if you are unsure of this)         
  • in the Business Portal if your STP payroll software is not updated with JobKeeper functionality           
  • if you have 200 employees or less, log in to the Business Portal and select employee details that are prefilled from your STP pay reports.           
  • if you have more than 200 employees, you can manually create a pay report, ask the ATO for a prefilled JobKeeper report, or create your own report using JobKeeper Payment Guide file.
  • if you don't have STP enabled payroll software, you can identify your employees in one of the following ways:         
  • in the Business Portal           
  • if you have 40 employees or less, manually enter your eligible employees' details           
  • if you have more than 40 employees, you can use the JobKeeper Payment Guide file to produce your own JobKeeper report and provide it back to us by uploading it using the Business Portal Transfer file functionality, or consider moving to an STP enabled payroll solution.


Step 3: Make a business monthly declaration

  • each month, you must reconfirm your reported eligible employees. This can be done through the Business Portal or via your registered tax or BAS agent.   
  • if your eligible employees change or leave your employment, you will need to notify us through the business monthly declaration report.     
  • you must also provide information as to your current and projected GST turnover. This is not a retest of your eligibility, but rather an indication of how your business is progressing under the JobKeeper Payment scheme.


If you would like knp Solutions' assistance in enrolling your business, please contact your knp representative to discuss.