knp Solutions offers a range of integrated account and financial services to build and sustain your wealth and lifestyle


Our specialist tax professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide quality tax solutions in every situation. We offer advice for individuals and businesses.
knp Solutions can assist you with your individual taxation requirements, no matter how complex they may seem.
We offer expertise in the following areas: 


  • Tax Compliance Services

  • Support for Tax Audit Investigations

  • Advice for Overseas Residents and Expatriates

  • International Tax Issues

  • Tax Effects for Individuals With Regard To Superannuation

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Estate Planning


knp Solutions offers you more than basic tax accounting. We work with you as a partner to your business to address a wide range of taxation issues affecting your business. We offer expertise in the following areas.

  • Support for ATO Tax Investigations

  • Preparation of an Optimum Business Structure

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Advice on GST Compliance and Responsibilities

  • Advice on International Tax

  • Tax Reform Issues and Consolidations

  • Advice on International transactions including related parties or transfer pricing issues

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Buying, Selling and Restructuring Businesses

  • Advice on Capital Gains Tax

  • Advice of Fringe Benefits Tax

  • Employee Remuneration and Share Plan Packages

  • Taxes Effecting Trust

  • Research and Development Grants

  • Export Market Development Grants

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Payroll Taxes

  • State Taxes and Duties Applied to Businesses

  • Private Company loan advice

  • Due Diligence Reviews


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Superannuation is vital to all individuals in Australia when planning for their future. Good professional advice and support can help you better protect and grow the wealth you have worked a life-time to accumulate.
We offer two broad areas of expertise in superannuation:
Specialises in providing holistic superannuation strategies and support services that address issues such as:


  • Determining your long-term superannuation strategy

  • If and how to establish self-managed funds

  • Determining your optimal annual contributions and income strategies

  • Administration for self-managed funds and pensions


knp Solutions Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (0012486634) of: Australian Financial Solutions Group ABN 78 832 913 439, Australian Financial Services Licence Number 341 401



Support for the preparation of financial accounts, super fund audits and pension/fund reviews.


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We offer our clients a suite of accounting and management service to support the financial performance, growth and sustainability of their businesses.
Our areas of specialty include:
Draws upon our extensive experience working with family businesses and our in-depth understanding of the unique demands and constraints on such enterprises. We help family businesses deal with issues such as business transition, roles and responsibilities, financial solutions, wealth distribution and conflict resolution.
To help businesses through periods of transition and instability, and ensure both you and your business are properly prepared for a long and prosperous future. We help you work through issues like exit strategies, unlocking equity and ensuring the protection of assets.
Support through our experienced accounting specialists, who are adept at ensuring that everything is in order and reducing your stress about day-to-day financial administration. We make sure all relevant information is captured, that accurate records are maintained and that high quality reports are provided on a timely basis.
To enable our client companies to meet their statutory reporting obligations under Australian law. This includes support around the preparation and lodgement of company statements and reports, the establishment of new companies and changes to company details, constitutions, shareholders and officers. We also work with our legal partners to address more complex issues around trusts and deeds.
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Our Forensic Accounting team has earned a reputation for integrity and precision. We represent and protect your best interests in all we do and offer a suite of services, including:
For investments or acquisitions, as well as for the sale of your business.
In a variety of contexts, including commercial litigation and legal disputes, financial claims, business valuations and criminal cases.
Working with our legal partners to best prepare you for legal disputes.
To provide you with a clearer picture of the performance of your business and the underlying financial systems. We then provide recommendations on how to improve profitability and business efficiency and reliability, and support you through the implementation of those recommendations, as required.
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knp Solutions offers a range of strategic services to enhance the long-term success and performance of our clients’ organisations. We help our clients think about the direction of their organisations and how to get the best of their people to achieve their strategic goals.
We can support the leadership of your organisation through:
We work with you and your team to optimise effectiveness and productivity by implementing tools such as Myers Briggs Indicator Report®, team building activities and preparation of staff manuals
Based on the facilitation of effective and focussed planning activities that are led by our experience and proven consultants.


We are aware that some of our clients do not have the luxury of or can afford, a Chief Financial Officer. With this in mind, we can provide a service to our clients that fulfils this role in a cost effective manner whilst not compromising the quality of our work. We can produce budgets, cashflow forecasts and monthly financial statements in a timely fashion ensuring you have the right information to enable accurate well thought out business decisions.

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In the lead up to our boards Strategic Planning exercise in 2018, we sought input from our staff and clients about what was important to them, what we are good at and where we need to improve. The data we collected help us build our strategic plan for the future of knp. A 12-month business plan followed. CLIENT SURVEY. We sought feedback from a sample of our clients.


Specifically, we wanted to know 4 things from you in your decision to work with knp.

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